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Greater Impact in 2020

Extend Your Reach
Global Impact Without Having to Leave the Church

Would you like your church/ business to have greater impact in 2020? How about the opportunity for the members of your congregation/ business to participate in the Great Commission every week? Sound like a lot of work? Here’s the good news, what used to be a long complicated process just got easier than ever. Seven Arrows Farm is committed to global partnerships that extend God’s Kingdom. Our goal is to take care of all the ground work so you don’t have to. At Seven Arrows we have built an international platform for our partners to use without having to leave the church. How? The answer is simple….COFFEE.
That’s right coffee, we are looking to partner with churches/ businesses around the globe that are willing to make simple changes in their coffee selection that will position them to bless communities in need. When you purchase Seven Arrow’s coffee you are getting so much more than just great coffee. You are getting a partnership with the Great Commission that is committed to blessing communities in need and to paying farmers and their families a fair price for their coffee. Seven Arrows offers a platform for your church to have IMPACT without having to leave the church/business. It transforms regular church/ office coffee into a mighty weapon of love and purpose. Click
below to see how you can begin to impact the nations through your coffee selection.

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